ISHIYAKI (Stone Grill) is a traditional way of cooking among fishermen on Tsushima Island. It began when a fisherman heated up a stone on the shoreline and broiled the seafood on it. Cooking on stone provides far-infrared radiation that cooks the meat very juicy and soft. By absorbing any extra oil contained in the meat, food is cooked without any smoke allowing the freshness and sweetness of the dish to be maximized.


An IZAKAYA is a Japanese pub that seves more substantial food than a bar or a traditional pub. In an Izakaya the atmosphere is usually more lively than your traditional restaurant. Please bring your friends and family and come have some fun with us.


ROBATA YAKI simply means 'by the fire side' in Japanese. The best seats in our restaurant are the counter seats where the art of grilling can be seen live.


YAKITORI is skewered chicken that is usually grilled with a sweetened soy sauce. At ISSIAN we offer many different kinds of YAKITORI including pork, seafood, and vegetable variations.